Pencil Fundraiser

woodylocCourtesy of the US Library of Congress.



Woody Guthrie was a one-time resident of the Pacific northwest. In his early career he was employed by the Bonneville Power Administration to write a suite of songs such as “Roll On, Columbia, Roll On.” When in Portland Guthrie lived in the Lents neighborhood, a couple of miles from my house. As you can see above, his guitar had a sign that said This Machine Kills Fascists.

Applied to a simple pencil, this phrase takes on a new meaning: the power of journalism¬†against an age of “alternative facts.” I am offering up these pencils as a fundraiser for non-profit journalism. All proceeds from pencil sales will go to The Center for Investigative Reporting¬†in Emeryville, CA, as they work to prove the pen[cil] is mightier than the sword.

Pencils are $1 each, with a suggested minimum order of four. Shipment in the US is another $1 for up to 20 pencils (send an email if you’d like shipment outside the US). Payment can be made via PayPal to bookishheather at gee-mail dawt com.