Who Are Those Four Horsemen?

After months of meditation on the subject, I’m finally taking the plunge and starting a real blog. This all began in October 2007, when I opened a MySpace page in order to experiment with blogging. A year and a half on this gateway drug and I’m ready to upgrade. What’s the point of living without new time sucks in your life?

Regarding the four horsemen of the subject line: that was an obvious reference to the apocalypse, but it turns out I recently saw a brigade of six horses ride past my office in downtown Portland. They were police horses, usually seen in groups of two, but this group was in a two-across formation, and even stopped and started upon vocal command at a stoplight. 

Moving along, here’s what you need to know about me:
I’m Heather, but I also answer to HA. Most of my existence has been spent in the utopia of Portland, Oregon, with some short- and long-term traveling around the globe.  In my relatively young life, I have been a classical musician, an actor, a non-profit administrator, a dog owner, a bicyclist, and a Monkees fan, among many other things. Unless told to do otherwise, I mostly keep to myself.

Who are you? Do I know you? One of the things I love most is to see who cares enough to read these things, or which random person has been Googling me, or what spambots are lurking, so please post a comment and say hey.



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2 responses to “Who Are Those Four Horsemen?

  1. Yay for upgrades!!! MySpace is icky anyway. You need a proper blog, worth your thoughts and textual behavior! Hurrah!!!

  2. bunnnn

    i was ooogling you heather. soorry about that.

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