The Great White North

O Canada!
O Canada!

Tomorrow morning I leave for an extended weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia. Yippee!

I’ll be staying with some very friendly staff members from Momentum Magazine, meaning I’ll be getting a great bikey introduction to Vancouver. The plan is for me to drive up, park my car, take my bike out of the back, and not need my car again until it’s time to go home*.

Assuming that I have regular access to free wifi, I hope to be posting photos and blogging every day about my adventures over the next few days. Check this space out for the latest!

*=Incidentally, I’m really good at these flash-driving trips. Where I have to work until the day I leave, leaving me little time to prepare or get rest for an entire day’s drive; and then driving an entire day home and expecting myself to be at work on time the next morning. Note to self: start breaking this habit.


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