Bald Eagles Come Here to Hang

Bald Eagle

Given that it’s one of our national symbols in the US, I think it’s very strange that I have always seen more bald eagles in Canada than all my time in the United States.

Almost as soon as I cleared Peace Arch Park crossing the border on Friday, I passed by a tree on the side of the road where a couple of baldies were just hanging out. Right next to I-5.

Yesterday on my bike ride to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, I was climbing a long hill when I saw another eagle hanging out in a tree overlooking the ocean, and not one, not two, but THREE more circling around looking for some chow! They were chattering to each other and hanging out in a dead tree nonchalantly, like it was Backspace or something.

My only previous bald eagle sighting was when I was in International Falls, Minnesota, in March 2006. There were three or four baldies that were flying over Rainy River on the search for some nice walleye. However–and this is the important part–they seemed to mostly be sticking to the other bank of the river. AKA Canada.

What does this say about us as a nation, that our national symbols are ditching us for our northern neighbors?


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  1. Almost two years later, and I still see bald eagles a bunch! There’s one with a nest in the park a block from my house. I think bald eagles are like the red-tailed hawks of Vancouver.

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