Finding the Fun

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It occurred to me today that I have had a serious dearth of fun for the last couple of years, and I think it’s time for a return to the days of yore.

Of course, I am pretty particular when it comes to fun-having. Other people are rarely involved. Sometimes there is a sense of adventure involved, like exploring a foreign city alone, or doing something completely new and kinda crazy, like Zoobombing. I think crosswords are pretty awesome fun, especially the New York Times Crossword, Monday through Wednesday. Or watching Marx Brothers movies or the like.

These days though, I have to keep to a schedule so much that my mind is turning to mush. No time for crosswords or movies. In my spare time, I’m trying to slowly chip away at larger goals, like getting rid of a bunch of the stuff cluttering up my house, and working on my publishing portfolio. Of course there are all of the things necessary to perpetuate the drudgery of every day living: grocery shopping and laundry-tending on Sundays, my job (including the two hour daily round trip), taking Atticus to the park every morning, and so on. And a couple of budding friendships seem to have turned sour.

Have you been in this situation? What have you done to reintroduce fun into your life? Got any ideas to share?


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  1. I find that if “I work harder” I am rewarded with an ample amount of time to have fun : \

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