Sweetpea Journey #7: I See You Shiver with Antici…PATION!*

If you didn’t know, I’m getting a custom-made bike from Sweetpea Bicycles. Natalie Ramsland builds these bikes specifically for women, one of just two women frame builders in the United States (the other is Luna Cycles). Many people I know are interested in hearing about the process, so I hope to be blogging about it each step of the way. Read the series here. Now, here’s the seventh installment. Away we go.

It’s almost done!

While I was finishing up my graduate school application in January, Natalie threatened my focus by naming a specific date for the first time in this entire process. She had been waiting for various backordered parts to arrive, but said I’d have my bike by Valentine’s Day. (Bike love!)

Then earlier this week, she sent word that my bike had gone to the mechanic to get built up (assembled). Yesterday, I learned that the total I have yet to pay on the bike (minus my deposit and the Unitus bike loan) is less than half what I was expecting.

Meanwhile, I have secured a place to have an official unveiling/deb ball for my bike, on the evening of February 19th. The theory is that it will give everyone an opportunity to see the bike themselves, and I’ll get to answer a question once instead of 50 times, to 50 people. That’s the hope anyway.

Check back after that evening for a recap and photos!

*=In reverence to the great Tim Curry.


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One response to “Sweetpea Journey #7: I See You Shiver with Antici…PATION!*

  1. jj

    *woot* so excited for you! i passed another sweetpea in the ladd’s circle this morning on the way to taking the boy to school and yelled “nice bike!” wish it had been yours!

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