What’s the Point?

When I started Bookish, I didn’t have a specific content goal, but aimed to relate most of my posts to a book. It could be a book I was currently reading, had read in the past, or just wanted to read–but I wanted the book to relate to the blog post somehow. Hence the name “Bookish.”

Unfortunately I never put that vision in writing.

When I was recently featured on A Year in Bread, I realized that I had been straying enough that Bookish was seeming like more of a mish-mash of topics to the outsider. The epic Sweetpea Journey (soon to come to an end!), or the profession about my Farmville addiction were eclipsing posts that featured great anti-clutter books, style guides, or cookbooks.

Moving forward, I am adopting the following content credo for the blog:
Looking at the world through book-colored glasses.

What do you think?


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