Sweetpea Journey #8: She’s Heeeere!

If you didn’t know, I’ve gotten a custom-made bike from Sweetpea Bicycles. Natalie Ramsland builds these bikes specifically for women, one of just two women frame builders in the United States (the other is Luna Cycles). Many people I know are interested in hearing about the process, so I have blogged about it each step of the way. Read the series here. Presenting the eighth installment in our epic journey. Away we go…

Here’s my bike!

Delivery: February 15, 2010 at approximately 7:15pm.
Bikey’s first photo shoot: Here.
Bikey’s first album: “Blonde on Blonde” by Bob Dylan.
Bikey’s first ride: Around my neighborhood. I think I’m probably the first owner of a Sweetpea in Clackamas County.
Bikey’s deb ball: February 19, 2010 at the Madison Mansion. Click here for photos.
Bikey’s first catcall: March 4, 2010. My friend Yeltie and I were biking up Clinton. A blonde female spandex-clad lycra warrior riding a Waterford passed us, looked back and said “Nice bike.” “Thanks,” I replied. Did I mention she was riding a Waterford?

My final fitting was February 23rd.

Natalie and Stephanie made a world of difference in my riding experience by adjusting the seat post, saddle, and brake levers.

Now the bike really does feel like it was made just for me! Compare to this photo from my first fitting–the angle of my arms is especially more reasonable.

Although I’m not currently a daily commuter, I feel like I am on this bike. I can breathe better while biking. Unscientific studies tell me I’m arriving earlier than I used to at my destination. When I arrive, I’m not feeling as winded or physically exhausted–amazing considering how idle I’ve been all winter.

This bike was built to last me a very long time. While this series has been called “Sweetpea Journey,” it’s clear the journey has just begun…


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