Beyond the Gate: Available NOW!

After several months of unintentional delay, I am pleased to announce my inaugural zine is available for purchase!

Beyond the Gate: An Ethnic History of Portland’s Nihonmachi and Chinatown offers a walking tour of Portland’s Chinatown neighborhood, guiding readers through major periods in neighborhood and national history.

Visitors and Oregon residents alike will discover why the neighborhood was originally named Nihonmachi, what event forced most residents to move away, and the slow rebirth that followed.

Beyond the Gate is now in stock at Powell’s and Reading Frenzy. It will eventually be offered at The Welcome Mat and other fine retailers.

Interested in snagging a copy? Submit a comment and I’ll get back to you via email.



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6 responses to “Beyond the Gate: Available NOW!

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  2. pearly

    Hi Heather, is this zine still available from an online store? Cover looks great, and definitely a topic i’m interested in.

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