A Canadian’s View of US Involvement in Vietnam

Reading a book for one of my classes—a book about the Canadian publishing industry, incidentally—I came across this gem:

“The impact of the United States’ imperial bullying in its war in Vietnam must also be taken into account. For a country that claimed the moral upper hand, not only was the claim of protecting the free world from Communism in Vietnam highly tenuous, but the televised carnage and clearly desperate and vicious actions of the US Army also led many Canadians to thank fate or their preferred deity that they were born in or had immigrated to Canada. The determination throughout Canada to carve out a separate national identity was palpable.” (Source intentionally not named!)

These are probably the most scathing words I’ve heard about the US since I’ve been here. Except perhaps when the writer was discussing the US in class…and as the only US citizen in the room, I was a little uncomfortable in my seat.


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