Heather’s Index: Winter Break

With apologies to Harper’s Magazine.

Days between fall and spring semester: 33

Papers due: 1
Total words: 5,024

Schoolbooks brought home: 9 (plus 16 articles, printed out)

Number of times this space lost heat: 7
Electricity: 3

People with stomach flu: 2
Temperature: 100.5
Friends paralyzed, clinging to life dead: 1
Friends’ breakups: 2

Bike moves: 1
Incidents of naked trampolining: 1
Participants in New Year’s World Naked Bike Ride: 2 (@4am, 28° F)

International presents given to friends/family:  27

Birthdays: 3.5
If you’re Christian: 4.5

Hugs given/received: Infinite
Moments of being a little too honest: Countless
Schoolwork avoided in order to sleep, eat, process, see friends, etc.: Not enough



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2 responses to “Heather’s Index: Winter Break

  1. I did not receive a hug! Merry Christmas!

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