Bookish Updates

• It’s official! This summer I’ll be interning with the publications department of the Adventure Cycling Association in Missoula, Montana. It looks like I’ll primarily be helping the magazine develop its online presence, but will likely have my fingers in plenty of other projects too. As everyone in my program knows how into bikes I am, I don’t think this came as a surprise to anybody.

• Want to read my piece in the next issue of “Taking the Lane,” Elly Blue’s zine? Printing is paid for in advance via Kickstarter, so go to the project’s website to chip in. Your copy will be sent to you when they’re all printed in April!

• Over the next week, I’ll be writing a long paper about the publication history of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. During spring break, I biked up to UBC Special Collections and viewed some early editions of the book (from 1897 and 1900), which were polar opposites in terms of treatment of the text. While excited about the topic, I’m a little overwhelmed, and working on my blog is arguably my method of procrastination du jour.

• Armed with fearlessness, I’ve been doing a bit of customization with Bookish. This is directly linked to my MPub technology project—over the next several weeks, my group will be doing some testing on a web-based system for doing magazine submissions, which was completely built in WordPress.


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  1. Congrats on your internship opportunity! Sounds awesome. I’m a little jealous you’ll probably get to meet Jill Homer. 🙂

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