A Fun Game for Bookish Library Nerds


1. Go to a library you’ve never been to, or at least never pulled anything from the stacks.

2. Arm yourself with a stopwatch and the call number of a desired book. (Important: confirm the book is actually available and checked in.)

3. Start the stopwatch and see how long it takes you to find the book in the stacks you’re seeing for the first time!

4. Watch as your mother looks slightly horrified and passersby chuckle at you, not with you. Overhear strangers mumbling something about a cameo on Portlandia.

5. When you’ve located the desired book, do a victory dance!

6. Bonus: When checking the book out, brag to the librarians about your time. Don’t forget to pay your library fines!

NOTE: I would just like to say this exercise actually took me 38 seconds, but it took another two seconds to press the STOP button.


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