A Bookish Year (2012) in Photos

Over the past week, I’ve been realizing how much I have to be proud of this year. My friend who goes by Mudlips over at Peregrination inspired me to post a year in photos like she recently did. I thought it would be tough to fill up the year in photos on both this blog and Bikish without having holes—I was wrong. There were times I was doing more booking than biking, or more biking than booking, but I managed to get at least one photo per month this year of both.


Began my MPub project report, aka Masters thesis, Publishing to Inspire: The Role of Publications at Adventure Cycling Association. My progress threatened to be derailed by someone coming back to rub salt in an old wound, but fortunately my project report didn’t suffer too much as a result.


Did some work as an extra on NBC’s show Grimm in February and a couple more times in the spring. This shot was from my first day on the set, when we weren’t released until about 11:30pm that very chilly night. The second and third shoot days were much more interesting, but they don’t like people taking photos on the set so I kept it to a minimum.


Putting the finishing touches on my project report. Those almonds inspired a blog post.



Traveled to Vancouver and turned in my thesis! Closed my bank account, and even found a “I ❤ NB” T-shirt for Linnet at my favo(u)rite Vancouver thrift shop.


Visited Trappist Abbey Bookbindery thrice. The final visit resulted in my picking up a library-bound copy of my project report! Atticus and I also discovered their grounds make for a great hike.


Graduated! Unfortunately due to yet another error on SFU’s part, I didn’t get to go to graduation. At the end of the month, I gave an hour-long presentation about my project report at Central Library in Portland. I had 10 attendees, a couple of whom I hadn’t met before. A woman I know who regularly gives free talks to the public says that was an amazing turnout for my first time.


Took Atticus to one of the most remote spots I know in Oregon for the July 4th weekend, to get away from fireworks. Not only did I get this photo, which I think is my favorite photo of Atticus to date, but I started reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Before I started reading I didn’t have high expectations, but it turned out to be the most memorable book I read all year. A new favorite.


Combined my love of bikes and books one afternoon at the Reed Library. The final product can be seen on the Super Relax website.


There were more bookish happenings in September than helping Portland Fruit Tree Project harvest 14,000 pounds of pears in Hood River. For example, my high school friend Courtney Miller Santo hit Powell’s Hawthorne promoting her debut novel, The Roots of the Olive Tree. But—Bartlett pears! Hood River! The setting was fantastic, the weather warm but not hot, and the pears I tested were so delicious. How could I not include a photo?


Finally met the woman behind The Doris Diaries, Julia Park Tracey, at History Pub. Also started my new job! RMLS pays me to write official communications, manage all their publications and social media, and drink jasmine tea and root beer all day. They’re really nice and did I mention, I’m now paid to write and edit things? It’s like my advanced degree actually got me somewhere!


Atticus and I continued our hiking project in November, when this photo was taken.


Mad Libs, anyone? My mother gifted me a pad of “Undead Mad Libs” on Halloween, complete with a googly-eyed spoof of the Twilight movies on the cover. In December I started forcing people to play, and six people helped me complete all the stories in just a few weeks. Thanks to Sarah and Josh in Missoula, Emily, Ceri, and my mom for participating. : )

One thing you can definitely say: Kick More Ass? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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