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Help Decide the Topic of My First Zine!


Here’s your chance to influence the future.

Yesterday I created my first mock-up of a zine (cover shown at left), partially to start utilizing the InDesign classes I took at the IPRC this winter, and partially to build my portfolio up a bit for future endeavors.

Here’s where you come in, friend. I’ve come up with a few topics, but can’t decide which I should tackle as my first project. What would you prefer to read?

Walking tour of Chinatown, for a friend’s newsstand currently in development.
In the Kitchen, a zine of thoughts about food and cooking, recipes, photos, etc.
WWII Japanese internment camps. A lesser-known topic, but important. I have some good photos of the three I’ve visited, and there are plenty of public domain images available that Ansel Adams took for the United States government.
Bikes! Bikes are well-covered in the zine world and in Portland, so it would probably need to be more specific. Like doing bike moves, how to choose a bike, stories of people’s individual bikes, or something like that.

Leave a comment below with your vote and thoughts. Next week I will take a look at the responses, and start moving forward with my planned production schedule. Thanks, friend!


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