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New Year’s Resolution: Kick More Ass

Overall, 2011 wasn’t as challenging as 2010. As the author of The Book of Awesome points out, I got through it.

As for 2012? I’ve never been one for milk, but I do enjoy kicking some ass.

And I’ve never been much for year-marked resolutions. After all, any day could be the first day of a new year! Why put off eating better until January 1st if it’s only October 4th? Why not just create those better habits today?

That’s why my only hope for 2012 is to kick more ass. That’s right—more. Because in 2011 I’ve done many great things.

I’ve still got big challenges, but focusing on the couple of ever-sucky situations I can’t control doesn’t get my thesis written. Doesn’t help me get an income before Sallie Mae comes knockin’. Doesn’t keep my life moving forward in the right direction.

Will it be important, in twelve months, to publicly itemize the ways in which I kicked ass this year? Unlikely. What is important here is to wholly embody the ass-kicking spirit—and that is what I wish for you too, dear reader.


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